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The Bible is the most discussed and most translated book in history. For many people around the world, it is the pillar for belief and a guide to everyday life. However, often readers feel they have a better understanding of the New Testament and its central character, Jesus Christ. Most find the Old Testament to be significantly more challenging.


When discovering new territory, whether it be a forest, desert, or urban environment, we all understand the comfort and security a good guide brings us.  For many, the Old Testament is this uncharted territory, and the guide would be very useful. Christopher J. Scobie offers such a guide to the Old Testament. A beautiful presentation of the background and an outline of each book is a gift for those who are new to this territory. Furthermore, this book provides a useful guide that opens up new insights to those who have already travelled this way before.


This Old Testament review is very useful and easy to read work, which addresses the bulk of the Christian Bible, and faces a range of apologetic issues, while responding to questions often raised. This book presents Christianity’s position on creation, as opposed to the evolutionary formation of the world, and discusses whether dinosaurs cohabitated on earth with humans. Moreover, this book responds to questions of how a loving God can at times seem cruel and vengeful.  In addition, this book also responds to important questions of why there is suffering in the world and why bad things happen to good people. The author here in this work will help every Christian better understand their faith, the Bible, and deepen their understanding of the Old Testament.

Old Testament for Everyone

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